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A Relaxing Father’s Day & Puppy Mischief

We had a little bit of mischief this weekend, with the pups deciding that it is now their job to clean off the grilling grate that we put over top of the fire pit, as well as help us with the tree limbs that had been cut from one of our trees out back.  We put some video of this weekend’s shenanigans up on our Vine channel.

We enjoyed a laid back Father’s Day, with a visit to the park, the movies and a cookout in the back yard.

The pups also had socialization time and were made to go places separately.  They need to learn to be apart from one another, so that they do not rely on each other for everything, especially confidence.  It’s critical that they develop their own self-confidence rather than always looking to someone else (in this case, their littermate) for it.  Never mind the fact that handling two squirmy 30-ish pound pups at the same time is not an easy task, especially when trying to do something specific with just one of them.  It’s nuts.  Akin to trying to herd cats.

Last week Parvati went to her very first puppy kindergarten class by herself, without Chewy.  She was a bit weirded out at first, not quite sure where to go, what to do or why the heck all these other puppies were barking and jumping around her, but she warmed.  Once she figured out treats were involved and her pesky brother wasn’t there to steal them from her, she had excellent focus and was a quick study.  She did better than I expected she would.  Within just a few moments she was doing puppy pushups (Sit, Down, Sit, Stand).  She’d already been introduced to Sit and Stand, but down was new and doing these commands in a particular order took a few moments but she really did well.  I really wish I’d had someone else there to take pics and video for me, but there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

Chewy got an outing on his own as well, going with me to Starbucks and Petco.  He has a very easygoing personality and his big goofy grin always reels people in, so he of course scored lots of attention.  He’s still small enough fit in a shopping cart, so I took advantage of being able to push him wherever I wanted to go, at my own speed, much as I did with my own kids as they were growing up.  That day when they’re too big for the shopping cart is a mighty sad day.

“Yes, I would like a puppaccino, please.”

Making it known that he would like a Chewbacca toy.

Worn out from his big outing.

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