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A Weekend Of Leisure & Learning

We did so much relaxing this weekend.  It was much needed and wonderful.  We spent a lot of time out back, just sitting around the kiddie pools, watching the little one (only one kid this weekend as opposed to three) play and splash about with the pups.  Chewy is much braver and will usually jump in first, while Parvati is much more cautious.  She prefers to watch how it goes when her brother goes barreling headlong into something, before trying it herself.  Smart girl!

“You go ahead, brother. I wait here and see if you comes back.”

Still watching…

[vimeo 130118556 w=500 h=281]Fetching Mr Whale from Walks With Rama on Vimeo.

We also did a good bit of socializing and took the pups to Starbucks Saturday morning for their first puppaccinos!  For those of you who don’t know what a puppaccino is, it is a small cup filled with whipped cream that Starbucks gives out to dogs.  They LOVED it.  They weren’t thrilled about being harnessed in to their seat, but they were actually much better than I expected them to be.  I try to start pups out young with learning to ride both in crates as well as in seats wearing a seatbelt harness, as I never trained Rama to ride anywhere but in a crate, and the time I had to drive my husband’s car, she would NOT get in.

They were quite good in the car, surprisingly.  They pretty much just sat there, looked out the window, looked around for something to chew on.  I normally have toys on the front floorboard for this reason, but none were to be found this day.  Eventually that something to chew became the arm rest, which, as evidenced by the photo below, is particularly icky.  I decided not to edit it out or touch up because honestly, life with kids and dogs is messy.  If you want a clean house and car, don’t have kids or dogs.  It’s just pointless.  We’re all about keeping it real!  I usually do a full clean-out and scrub-down of the van every few months.

I think it’s that time again.

I also began this weekend with training the pups to be crated separately in the house.  Parvati is much less vocal than her brother, and therefore is proving easier so far.  Chewy, well, he wails for about 20 minutes.  Not too bad.  But teaching them to settle after they’ve eaten is important, as they are prone to bloat if they are up jumping all over the place after eating.  Everyone is crated here during and after meals, so the pups need to learn this and get accustomed to it.  They did well transitioning to their own separate feeding bowls and we are working their–ahem–enthusiasm with regard to mealtimes.  They are not tiny pups anymore, and jumping and pawing at feed and water bowls is unacceptable behavior.  They are doing quite well with vocal cues and corrections, and learning that they are not fed until they are in their crates and waiting patiently and quietly.   They aren’t perfect by any means, and being gangly, growing pups, it’s sometimes chaotic, but they are getting it.  It’s a process.

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