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And Now We Wait

There’s been a whole lot of organizing going on around here.  I’ve been trying to get a jump on Spring cleaning as well as prepare for the pups that will be arriving later this month.  Instead of building a whelping box out of wood, which would be nearly impossible to sanitize and clean as well as heavy to move, I opted for one made of corrugated plastic.  I’d heard about the Dura Whelp boxes through word of mouth and some internet searching.  After setting it up, I must say I am very pleased with the look of it.

I also purchased a whelping kit.  This includes (as seen on breederbase.com):

4 1/2 ” scissors

Iodine Swabs (10 pack)

Alcohol Swabs (10 pack)

Kelly Forceps

Surgical Gloves

Lubricating Jelly (5gram)

Puppy Formula (2, Each One Makes 8oz. liquid)

Nursing Bottles (2oz. & 4oz.)

Digital Thermometer

Liquid puppy vitamins

Litter marking cords (10 pack of assorted colors)

Unwaxed Dental Floss

Diarrhea Control (Bene-bac 1/2oz.)

Pedigree Forms (10 pack)

Puppy Information Sheets (10 pack)

Energizing Glucose (Nutri-Drops 1oz.)

2.0 oz Bulb Syringe

Product instruction sheet

I don’t normally allow the dogs in my room, so it took me a few minutes to get Rama to realize I was actually inviting her in.  She walked right up to the whelping box, smelled it and stepped inside.  I gave her some treats in there and I will begin feeding her in it starting tonight.

[vimeo 121194180 w=500 h=888]

First Time In The Whelping Box from Walks With Rama on Vimeo.

And now we wait.

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