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And The Changes Keep Coming

Since I decided to move the blog into a more lifestyle-centered direction, the changes in my life have been many and varied. Some good, some bad, yet all causing growth in one way or another. Growth is change, essentially. I’ve struggled a great deal with a lot of things in the past several months and I’ve found it difficult writing about them. I know a lot of other people are struggling, too, and if my words can help just one person, then that alone is reason enough to keep muddling through and talking about these changes that keep coming my way.

Children Leaving The Nest

Our second oldest left for grad school in another state recently. Even though she’s been living on her own for several years, she is in a new state now. She’s in a new apartment with her boyfriend and puppy. She has a whole new life. We are so excited for them. Big things ahead! My oldest son is graduating Marine Corps boot camp soon. After a brief leave he will be off for more training. I have no idea where he will be in a year. I have mixed emotions on his choice of career path. I am proud, I am scared. But I have to respect his choice. I am beyond proud of what he has volunteered to do. So both of them are states away now. This is a hard thing to get used to as a parent.

My Father’s Health

My dad is a hell of a tough guy. He’s 81 and has always been full of energy, loud and gregarious, fiercely independent and active. The man does not look 81, nor does he act it. My poor mother (quite a bit younger) has always struggled to keep up with him; to deal with his hyperactivity. It’s like chasing after a toddler. Poor Mom! I don’t know how she does it.

He is on Round #4 with cancer.

He’s lost a significant amount of weight (which was actually not a bad thing) and even though he has experienced no nausea, vomiting or hair loss, he has experienced a sharply diminished appetite and fatigue. For someone who so enjoys being out and about, this has forced him to slow down. My sister and I have gone back and forth from our homes to theirs (a few hours distance each way) attending doctor visits, scoping out rehabilitation facilities (some side effects of chemo meds have created mobility issues) and visiting him when he is in the hospital. We try to interact with the doctors as much as possible so that Mom is not so overwhelmed.

My Own Health

I’ve recently started with a new trainer, several months after my first one left to pursue a different career path. I tried to keep up my workout routine on my own, and I did alright for a while. But as things happened in my life I found myself slipping backward and not challenging myself as much for the past few months. I was dealing with some pains and some blahs; I’d hit a wall with my eating. I’ve struggled for a while with my diet. I’ve grown bored with food and honestly, there were many times I sat down in front of a meal and just didn’t want it. I’m making changes with regard to how I shop for food and what I’m eating. Deets to come, folks!

Missing The Woods

If there was ever a time I need some hiking therapy in the woods it is now. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to venture out. The crippling heat has kept us close to home, but we are looking forward to the Fall and cooler temps with much anticipation. It’s been hard. Hiking has been therapy for me, and we’ve not been able to do much of it at all the past few months. I need to carve out some me time to lose myself in the peace of the forest. It’s calling. It’s time.

Did you experience any big changes recently? How are you dealing with them?

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