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Backyard Campout Take 2–Rama & The Rain Fly

Since I seem to be woefully lacking in the #tonguetuesday arena, I will begin today by reporting how Take 2 of our backyard campout/equipment and dog test went.  I am happy to report that Rama surprised me by being very quiet and settling herself almost right away.    The kids, however, not so much.  They played a few games, giggled and sang songs until they started to annoy each other and had to be put on opposite sides of the tent.

It wasn’t as cool out last night, only getting down to about 72 degrees.  I was not as restless and slept pretty well, waking up only once around 4 am.  I untethered one corner of the rain fly so that I could see the tent, and it was nice to open my eyes this morning and see the sky.  I know people enjoy sleeping in hammocks without netting or a tarp, but I wonder if less humid areas don’t have an issue with morning dew like we do here?  I can’t even fathom not having a bug screen.

Not a lot of activity last night so I only took a few photos:

Lots of room in the hammock.

Rama settled in quickly.

Good morning!

Below is the video I took this morning documenting the results of my overnight test of the rain fly with regard to how it keeps dew off of the hammock:

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