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Black & White Sunday–Bath Day

As much as I wanted to hit a trail somewhere today, the weather this morning was crappy and I had dogs that needed bathing and crates that needed a good scrubbing.  Then the hubs had to borrow the van to go and pick up a double oven and these dogs won’t set foot in a CAR (spoiled much?) so the husband’s car sat there taunting me.  Oh well, at least dogs no longer stink and their crates don’t, either.  I pulled out stall matting and crate pans, scrubbed and disinfected them on both sides and cleaned dog slobber off of walls.

Yes, that is a thing.

The littlest child still thinks dog bathing day is fun.  All the children before her have put in their time bathing and grooming dogs and could honestly not care less.  The dogs are never particularly thrilled about it, either, but it has to be done.  I start the kids out doing grooming duties as soon as they are able, with my help of course.  My youngest is a natural leader.  She has been very confident with the dogs from a very young age, whereas the next youngest is more of a playmate and tends to have a more difficult time asserting himself with the dogs.  It has seemed to me that the men I’ve known in my life always want to be the dogs’ best buddy before they want to be the disciplinarian.  My middle child definitely falls into that category so we work extra obedience and more calming exercises with him.  Just like the dogs, I try to tailor the teaching to fit the individual needs of the child.  With dogs in the home, they need to respect all 2-legged family members.  With dogs of this size, it is especially important.

Cairo doesn’t look very happy about bath day.

After a good shampoo, we do a skin and coat conditioner and let that sit for about 10 minutes.  While that’s going on we do ear cleanings, nail trims and hair trimming (shaping up ears and tail).  They are then rinsed and go to their crates to dry while we move on to the next dog.  Later when everyone is dry, we de-shed.  Between the Furminator shampoo, conditioner and de-shedding tool, we have seen a marked difference in shedding.

Below are a few videos I took of Cairo and Siren getting their baths today:



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