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Black & White Sunday–Our Overnight Backyard Campout

I survived my first overnight campout!

First let me say I apologize if any of this makes no sense, is repetitive or otherwise unreadable.  I’m struggling to get through it with a 5 year old asking me a thousand–scratch that, a million– questions.  🙂

Cairo did very well her first night camping.  At first there was some whining and she moved between the tent and the hammock, sniffing each of them.  Then there was some barking at other dogs for a few minutes, but then she settled down and went to sleep.  It was nice and cool out, with a slight breeze and the sky was clear.  It was nice to open my eyes and see the stars.

I did not sleep all that great, but I didn’t figure I would since it was the first night trying out the hammock.  Totally sucked when I arranged everything to my liking and then realized I had to go to the bathroom!  I woke up at 2 am then again at 4, at which time I realized that the dew was pretty significant and I would have to move to the tent or sleep in moisture.  I did not put up the rain fly, which I will do tonight and see how that works.  I didn’t purchase the under quilt, but it is clear to me that I will need to.  Last night I used my yoga mat and a fleece blanket but I was still chilly.  There’s no way I’d stay warm in the mountains without the under quilt.

Dew on the bug screen.

On guard.

At one point during the night some neighbor dogs were barking in the distance and I began to hear Cairo growling.  I unzipped the bug screen and stuck my phone out and snapped a picture blindly.  She had situated herself in front of the tent.  That’s Cairo–ever on guard but not overly barky.   Corsos tend to be cautious observers and size up a situation before making a spectacle (unless you’re Rama and a strange cat is involved, in which case you bounce up and down like an idiot).   When one of the neighbor dogs was having a Bark Fest we had an episode of reciprocal barking but it died down after she was satisfied they’d gone away.   Soon after she was snoring.

It’s morning!

I could hear Siren yipping every so often from inside, and my husband said Rama was restless all night.  The boys come home tonight so I’m sure at least one of them is going to want to camp out in the tent so tonight will be Rama’s turn.  She is a bit more of a princess so I expect I’ll hear a bit more whining than I did last night.   And with the boys, quite a bit more kid noise.  :-/

Despite the dew issue, the hammock was comfortable.  I had plenty of room and the little shelf for storing your items is awesome.  I even managed to sleep on my side.  I’ll be sure to take some shots when I set up the rain fly a little later today.    There are some highlights from last night on our social media accounts, so be sure to check those out!

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