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BlogPaws Conference–Days 2 & 3

Days 2 and 3 of the BlogPaws conference in Nashville were a blur of lectures, meetings and fun.  It was so cool meeting people I’ve only known through their blogs.  The lectures/workshops I attended were very informative and I filled many pages with all the tips and tidbits I gleaned from industry experts.   Pets were allowed pretty much everywhere throughout the conference, which was awesome.  Most were well-behaved, though I will say that there were quite a few that were obviously dog aggressive.  Why someone would knowingly bring a dog aggressive dog to an event where you are asses to elbows with so many other dogs is beyond me.  I was extremely proud of Rama, who–as usual–was great.  She didn’t so much as growl back at any of the dogs barking, despite being lunged at by no less than 5 dogs at this event.  I got one apology.


All the others did move their dogs away, save one, who seemed as if that type of behavior was acceptable.  I just don’t get that.  And one hotel guest (I don’t think she was part of the conference) said very loudly and very rudely as we walked by, “Oh my god, that dog is a GUEST here?!”  We just kept on walking.  When people say such things, honestly, sometimes it’s just better to consider the source.  We also got a few folks that felt we shouldn’t be using a prong collar, but we very politely explained why we use them.  I did not feel that this type of event was the right place to be debating things such as ear crops and prong collars, so we tried to keep it pleasant and upbeat.

There were far more people who approached us oohing and ahhing, so honestly, we chose to focus on the positive energy we received from people.  There were so many nice folks who stopped to ask us about the dogs and if we would mind posing for photos, along with very lovely folks saying, “How beautiful!” as we walked by, which was nice.  I would say the response was overwhelmingly positive, with a few not-so-pleasant interactions, but you know, when you get that many folks together, you’re bound to have some of that.  Here are some of our favorite moments from the conference:

Felissa Elfenbein of Two Little Cavaliers gave the mini Rama lots of snuggles.

Harrison Forbes (Pet Talk Productions) and Laura Nativo (celebrity dog mom) talk about being an animal spokesperson or pet celebrity.

Having a snooze during one of the sessions. That’s ok, the Personal Assistant (aka the human) can take notes.

True to her guarding breed instincts, Rama watched out the double doors as people walked by. That’s ok, she had her Personal Assistant (aka me) to take notes.

This was the first time Rama went on a long trip and didn’t end up in the show ring! 

[vimeo 129617681 w=500 h=281]

BlogPaws 2015 from Walks With Rama on Vimeo.

I had some very good conversations with some other bloggers, and am excited about future partnerships and endeavors.  I definitely think I over scheduled myself, as there were things I did not check out that I wanted to, and I didn’t get the photograph and GoPro footage I wanted to get.  Crap!  Well, I’ll know better next year.  I needed to slow down and enjoy the experience a little more rather than the pretty much constant running I did trying to get to each and every lecture that I could.  I can’t wait until I can sit down with my notes and start working on some of the things I learned.  I’m very excited to see what the blog becomes in the year between this conference and the next.

Did you go to Blogpaws this year?  What was your experience?

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