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Evanger’s Dog Food Trial Day One

We’re beginning our trial of Evanger’s dog food with EVANGER’S 12-Pack Natural Classic Beef with Chicken Supplement for Dogs, 13-Ounce

The can states that the food is in “loaf form”–that’s interesting–and is packed in the US and contains no preservatives, grain, salt or fillers.  Since I scooped the food out with a spoon, I did not observe it coming out of the can formed into a loaf, but I might try that with the next one, just out of curiosity.  The aroma was pleasant; not off-putting like some canned foods can be.  I mixed some with Clara’s current food, so as to minimize any stomach upset the might occur with introducing a new food.

“Do you mind?”

Clara seemed to really like the taste.  She smelled around a bit, detecting a change from her normal meal, and dug in gleefully.

There was no digestive upset following, and her stools were normal.  I will be going through what I have in this flavor before moving on to another, to observe how she does over the course of a week or so, with two meals per day.  Stay tuned to see what Clara tries next!

Have Evanger’s delivered right to your door!  Just follow the link below!

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