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Evanger’s Trial Update

We were not compensated for this post.   We were provided samples in exchange for a review.  We only review products which interest us and that we feel would be beneficial to our readers.  Evanger’s logo copyright Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc.

It’s been just over a month now that we started Clara on Evanger’s dog food.  We began with the canned Classic Recipe Beef With Chicken, and after the first few  weeks, moved to the Classic Recipe Lamb And Rice formula.  After the second day, Clara did exhibit some softer stools, but they firmed up quickly and she hasn’t had another since.   This can be quite normal when switching foods.   I thought only one odd poo was pretty good, actually.

When Clara came to us, she’d been on a grocery brand.  While her coat looked “ok” at first glance, it was not nearly as shiny as it is now.   She did have some flakiness, indicating some dry skin.  Looking back through photos I see a definite improvement in the overall condition of her coat.  It also feels softer.  There is no visible flakiness or dryness.

Keeping in mind that my dogs are normally on supplements (both powdered and liquid), I do not utilize these supplements while trying a new food for review.   I want to see what the product does on its own.   Many commercial diets are pretty good in and of themselves, and do not require any added supplementation.  If you are not sure if your dog needs supplements, consult your veterinarian.  They are trained to see overall health.  Many things can be seen within seconds of a dog entering the exam room.  If your dog is lacking in an area and you did not notice, do not feel bad.  Life is busy, we are all crazy with work, family and other commitments.   That is why your vet is there.

The following photos were taken indoors; the first under fluorescent lighting and the second under the light in my office (not fluorescent).

Clara the day we got her.

Clara 3 weeks into Evanger’s trial.

Ideally I like to do photo comparisons outdoors in natural light, but I think it is more difficult for a good sheen to show up in artificial lighting.   The only editing on the above photos were cropping and watermarking.  What do you think?  Do you see a difference?

We were very impressed to find that Evanger’s has a very cool page on their website devoted to (pet) diet related questions.   They have an Animal Nutritionist on staff to answer these questions which they post via their blog.  The blog has been active since 2009 and there is a handy search feature so that you can search the entire blog if you don’t immediately find an answer to your query.

We have yet to try the Organic and Grain-Free varieties, so stay tuned for those.  As I stated in the first post of this trial, we anticipate this process to be a lengthy one.   We didn’t feel we could do the products justice with a quick one or two week trial.  There really needs to be a lengthier look at so many different flavors and formulas.  We hope you will check back with us to see what Clara tries next!

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