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Finding Time For Exercise & A Whole Bunch Of Other Crap On My List!

I’m having trouble getting through this post without stopping every few moments (“Mom, can I have this?  Mooooom, I’m hungry!  Look at what I can do!  Can I have this gum?  Are you going to eat?  Can I have lunch?  Mom!  Come here…”) and for someone who doesn’t multi-task particularly well, it’s very difficult to keep my brain focused on writing.  When I stop to do something, get something or answer a bunch of questions it takes me a few moments to get back into the groove of what I was trying to convey.  Sometimes I never get it back.

Today I’m home with just the dogs and the 4-year-old (“Hey Mom, did you know that your brain is in your head?  If you crack your head you can see your brain if you look in the mirror…”).  The 10-year-old is with his father as is the oldest boy.  Husband is working.  It is pretty close to quiet around here (“Are you full yet?  I think you beat me in the food race…”) and I’ve been trying to get some blog work done, work on the book and the etsy store.  Not to mention my house looks like a laundromat threw up in here and my room needs organizing badly.

It’s hot as Hades outside (90 degrees) but sunny and gorgeous.  It’s a good day to take some photos, so I hope to do some of that later.  It’s been raining a lot lately so there’s not been a whole lot of activity outdoors, plus I’ve got 2 girls in season so not many outings for them.  They are not thrilled about this.

(“Look, I’ve got a drink mustache…Where is your purse that has x-rays on it?  Look what I did to this cheese doodle.  Look how loud I can clap!”)

The x-ray question caught me off guard for a moment, then I realized she was asking about a purse that I have with skulls on it.  She is sliding out of the window seat munching on cheese puffs and Rama is snoring like a man in her crate.  Cairo is flitting about from room to room squeaking a toy and flopping around Sassy, who is pretty annoyed with her and not interested in her puppy antics.  (“My drink is too sweet.  I need some water in it.”)

Even with just one child here it’s terribly hard to concentrate.  Getting up early to write (mornings seem to be the most creative time for my brain) doesn’t work so well because the second I get up out of bed dogs are whining to go out.  As soon as they head out back the littlest one is up, whether it’s 4 am or 7 am.  By the time I get into bed each night it’s a struggle to stay awake long enough to speak to my husband for 5 uninterrupted minutes, let alone be creative and work on blog and book stuff.  I’m trying.  ((wilting))

(“Do you want to be my best friend?  You are aaaaalllllways my bestest friend!”)

(Pause for a hug.  You’ve got to acknowledge that.)

The hike a few weeks ago with the kids really clued me in on how long it’s been since I’ve exercised.  Despite bringing a lot of water, I still managed to succumb to some degree of heat exhaustion.  Every time I have a surgery and have to stop my exercise routine, it’s hard as hell to get back into it.  There’s no way I’m going to be able to do the hiking trail in Tennessee if I don’t.  It’s a lot of rocks and an elevation difference, plus the overnight camping.  I’m going to have to do some practice camping before we go.  I have 2 products to review for 2 different companies and a hiking/camping outing would be perfect for that.  So many things to do!  I’ve just got to kick myself in the butt and do it.  One step.  That’s what gets it going.  Just.  One.  Step.

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