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FitDog Friday–Hiking The Florida Coastline

I’ve been itching to get out and do something with the dogs for a while now but it’s been raining a lot here in Florida.  We have a hike planned this weekend but the forecast says rain.  Now when we get rain, it can be rain all day, for 20 minutes, every 5 minutes, you name it, we see it.  I’ve even seen it raining on my neighbor’s house on a sunny day, and my house was dry.  That’s just Florida.  So I’m not cancelling the hike unless it’s pouring buckets.  Light rain is ok for me and since we’re headed to the beach, what’s a little water?  Hopefully it won’t be accompanied by thunder and lightning.  Forecast doesn’t say so, but you have to be prepared for anything here.  Weather changes by the minute.

So we will be hiking across sand, scrub and dunes to get to the beautiful shoreline at Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  This is one hell of a workout.  I’ve done it a few times now, with kids and dogs, and it’s a good haul.  There is a boardwalk you can take straight out to the beautiful beach or you can go around by way of the dirt trail and then Ponce De Leon Inlet.  The boardwalk is only accessible to dogs before a certain time of day (i think about 10 am) and all other times folks with dogs must go around.  The second way is longer, but way more rewarding in my opinion.  Once you get to the inlet you follow it around until you find yourself on the lovely white sand beach with its more than ample shoreline to enjoy.

Photo copyright sportsvolusia.com

The only thing that’s ever bothered me about this park is that the on-leash rules (posted everywhere) are not always obeyed.  This annoys me.  What makes people feel that they are exempt from the rules?  Do they not understand that it is behavior such as this that gets our few privileges to take our dogs to the beach taken away?   I love dogs and would love for them to be able to run free on the beach.  But the fact of the matter is, people ruin it and then we all suffer for it.  Gah!  Enough of that rant for right now.  I’m getting worked up!

Other than cleaning my house and some yard work, that’s about all we have planned for this weekend.  I will post photos of our hike when we get back.  How will you and your dog get fit this weekend?

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