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FitDog Friday–Our New Year’s Fitness (And Other) Goals

We are now on day 2 of the new year and today is the day I start my new workout regimen.  Yesterday was spent doing housework and catching up on blog stuff since we were away, but today I am determined to start getting myself and the dogs as ready as possible for the spring hikes.  I was doing really well for more than a year and then after my last surgery I just became so discouraged.  Every time I have a surgery I gain weight, then I stop working out, gain more weight and feel worse.  I get bogged down in housework, kid stuff and the like and begin to think “What’s the point?” because getting any kind of time away is so difficult because of my husband’s work schedule.  

In the meantime my target time for doing some mountain backpacking/hiking is fast approaching so I have to get in gear.  I got a little taste of it (hiking in the mountains) on our vacation to North Carolina and I can’t even articulate how badly I wished I had unlimited time there to explore all the fabulous trails and waterfalls that state has to offer.  It was such a hard thing to just do one small trail and hurriedly get everyone in the van and leave, since we were headed back to Florida that day.  I wasn’t ready to leave.

Before I hit a speed bump in my workouts, I was power walking 4 miles a day with weight training 3 days a week and yoga 2 days per week.  The older dogs were up to 4 miles daily as well, with the exception being longer trails, of which there weren’t many, honestly.  With campaigning Sassy, planned breedings and Siren starting her show career this year, I need to organize the dogs’ workout regimens, too.   I do so much better when I have a written schedule to stick to, so I will be writing down a schedule on a white board and making myself accountable.  I am thinking of doing a feature spot on the blog for anyone who might want to also work toward certain fitness goals with their dogs, whether it be long distance hiking, agility or simply regular walks.  I’m curious as to whether or not our readers might have any interest in this?

If any of my fellow bloggers are dealing with depression (as I do), there are few things in this world better for helping alleviate it than walking a dog.  While I understand the strength of the pull of the couch when the thought enters your mind to go for a walk, I also understand how great you will feel after you’ve walked around outside with your furry (or not so furry–shout out to our hairless dog peeps) friend.

I have also found that listening to music helps while exercising.  I have specific music just for getting motivated, just as I do for my meditations.  It truly helps.  Slap some Lady Gaga in my ears and I’m good to go!  Anything that picks up your mood will work.  I even have some Tiny Tim on my phone.  My son thinks it’s hilarious, but it makes me happy.  Another thing that has helped to keep me moving and motivated is my fitbit.  There are various groups online available for support and help, and I have found it really does motivate me.  It also tracks your sleep patterns, which can really be an eye-opener.  It was for me.

Don’t feel you have to start crazy; just doing something small in the beginning is just as good.  You don’t want to burn yourself out before you even get started or possibly cause an injury to yourself or your dog.  Set small fitness goals and work toward achieving those.  One of my main goals is to drink more water.  I have some cool water bottles, and at the beginning of the day I will fill one.  They have varying capacities but are on the larger side, so I can keep track of how much water I have consumed in a day.  I have some recipes for infused waters that are good and make drinking all that water not so hard.  There are also some great ones on Pinterest.  Just type in “infused water” and simply watch the magic!

Rama leading the way on one of our hikes from 2014.

Remember to assess both yours and your dog’s physical condition before embarking on any type of workout regimen especially if either of you are recovering from a recent injury or a period of inactivity.  Make sure you are well-hydrated and eating healthy. Oh and speaking of eating healthy, if you are familiar with our food blog (A Corso In The Kitchen), we have decided to no longer maintain that blog as it was simply proving to be too time-consuming and I wanted to focus on this blog, the accompanying book and other things in my life.  Thank you to all who supported it.  I will probably incorporate parts of it into this blog.

So along with getting in better shape this year, I would like to figure out how to incorporate more hikes in further away places.  Florida has its perks, you won’t find much in the way of scenery changes.  It’s flat, swampy and full of bugs.  I’d like to hike other types of terrain before I get much older and am not able to physically do as much as I’d like.  In the past I’ve done some courier work for rescue dogs, so I thought that maybe doing some of that along the way might help offset fuel costs and be a nice way to incorporate some rescue work since I don’t foster anymore.  My current van is nearly paid off, so either I could try to retro-fit it or trade it in on a larger cargo van or small rv.  Hm.  I think this idea deserves some more thought.

Do you have any fitness goals for you and/or your pet this year?

Click on the badge above to be taken to the FitDog Friday Blog Hop, hosted by our friends over at Slimdoggy and co-hosts To Dog with Love and My GBGV Life.   Lots of fun and fitness there, folks!  Join us!

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