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FitDog Friday–Reconnecting Yourself & Your Dog With the Outdoors

Photo copyright S. Adams

Ok folks, here’s where I go all hippie and tree-huggy on you.  I have long been enamored with the outdoors.  Walking or riding my bike to and from school as a child I often took shortcuts through the woods; fantastic well-worn paths that wound through palms and ferns and over tree roots.  And when I didn’t have to wear shoes, I didn’t.  I am a Florida girl born and raised, and grew up mostly barefoot.  I felt connected to the earth that way.  It was like it’s energy was free to flow right up through my feet.  My favorite time of year was Fall, where everything seemed so much more beautiful and magical.  That cool breeze on my face and the sound that rustling leaves made was just perfection.

I still feel this way.  I prefer my feet to be free of shoes whenever possible and I love, love, loooooooove being outdoors in cooler weather.  Hot, muggy Florida grossness not so much, but for those few days per year it is cool out, I can’t get enough time outside.  Circumstances what they are (shared visitations), I am unable to move but when the kids are old enough, I’m so out of here.   The husband and I have been seriously thinking about Montana.   Mental note:  make a trip out there soon to check out the hiking trails!

Just like you, your dog needs their spirit nurtured, too.  They need air, grass and earth under their feet, to run as fast as they can with the wind at their back.  All of us feel connected to our dogs (at least I believe most dog owners do) but do you nurture your dog’s spirit?  They give us so much.  When dogs are committed to you, they are committed.  They don’t find someone younger or prettier or grow tired of you.  They don’t judge you or disappoint you (save soiling the carpet occasionally or chewing our favorite pair of shoes) .  They are there until their last breath.  They have the purest souls of anything on the planet save babies.  Dogs and babies, folks.  That’s as good as it gets in this world.

When’s the last time you took your dog outside for a jog?  A bike ride?  A game of frisbee or ball?  Swimming?   Get out and do some of that this weekend!

Or how about some yoga in the great outdoors with your dog?  Yes!  So fun!

Photo copyright Christopher Cave

Click the link above to be taken to the FitDog Friday Blog Hop and learn about all kinds of fitness fun for you and your dog!  Don’t forget to like, comment and follow so everyone can make new friends!

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