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FitDog Friday–Siren’s Back!

Siren’s been gone for about a month with the handler, learning how to be a show dog.  There’s a lot to learn.  A month or two is as long as I like to send any of the dogs, simply because they are family dogs and I don’t want them gone that long, especially when they are young.  They need to be around the kids and the normal household things as well as learning how to stack (stand) and gait (move) properly.

At Brooksville yesterday I dropped off Sassy to the handler as I picked up Siren, who’d been gone since Eukanuba.  She’d gotten bigger of course, and after a second or two of looking at me like, “Who is taking me now?” she warmed up and began happily wiggling her little nub.  I knew she would also be very excited to see Cairo and vice versa.  Here’s how that reunion went:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geAWnnC01kk]

As you can see, Cairo and Siren usually stay in pretty good shape with all of that running and playing.   They’re both too young for actual runs with the bike yet, but they get great exercise just chasing each other around all day.  How does your dog stay in shape?

Click the above badge and join in on the fitness fun with our friends SlimDoggy and co-hosts To Dog with Love and My GBGV Life.

Siren says, “Have a great Friday!”

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