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FitDog Friday–Weekend Reviews

Since I’ve been sick this week I’ve not done much in the way of dog training or exercising.  I hope to rectify that this weekend.  I have a few product reviews for which I need to take photos and I also need to exercise Cairo on a longer walk as she’s closing in on the end of her recovery time.  Since it is hot as hades here we will be utilizing our Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vests.  I know several of you have been anxiously awaiting our review of these as well as the Ruffwear Grip Trex Dog Boots, so we will be doing shoots for those this weekend.  I do appreciate your patience as we have had a few reviews we’ve been working on and I’ve had The Ick this week.

I’d done well last week with my exercise schedule, getting in yoga, cardio and weights.  This week I’ve spent the majority of my time trying to stay vertical while the kids settled into their first week back to school.  I feel like I’m getting better, so I think I’ll try and sweat the rest of it out this weekend.  Hopefully the dogs will stay cooler as we are trying out our new cool vests!

If you remember our coastal hike not too long ago, we used a type of cool vest that had inserts that you actually put in the freezer.  We’d borrowed a vest from our friend to try out and we really liked it.  There was one point, though, where I wondered about the added weight of the gel packs.  A few of them also fell out during our hike.  Since Sassy puts anything and everything into her mouth, I didn’t want to have to worry about her eating one of those gel packs, so I decided to try the cool vests made by Ruffwear that soak up water.  I also needed a new pair of dog hiking booties since the cheaper ones I got at Petsmart didn’t stay on very well.  My friend had great luck with the even cheaper rubbery, colorful ones, though.  I need something tough and after seeing many dogs running in the Ruffwear ones, I thought perhaps they might stay on better and would perhaps suit us well when we do our Tennessee hike as it is terrain with which the dogs are not familiar and have no experience.

Here’s a preview of the items we’ll be reviewing this weekend:

Photo copyright Ruffwear.

Photo copyright Ruffwear.

Click on the above link to be taken to the FitDog Friday blog hop hosted by SlimDoggy and co-hosts To Dog with Love and My GBGV Life.

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