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Green Thumb Thursday

No one has ever accused me of having a green thumb, but I try.  I love plants and gardening and I just keep trying.  I do best with succulents and tough plants that are hard to kill.  The other day I went to a gorgeous 10 acre nursery (I would love to live there) and came away with some new goodies.  Today I am finally getting those things in the ground.

I posted a photo yesterday of the almond tree I bought, and that needs to be planted as well.  We’d transplanted a tree from another part of our property and it didn’t make it, so I will be putting the almond tree where it was intended to go.  We need some shade over there and the smell is wonderful.  Whenever you have multiple dogs, trees and plants that smell good are always a must!

[vimeo 128541946 w=500 h=500]Garden Helpers from Walks With Rama on Vimeo.

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