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Guess What’s New This Black & White Sunday?

When I was growing up we always had birds.  Part of our chores (myself and my sister) was to care for them.  Parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds.  They were so much fun!   We had one that would whistle the entire Andy Griffith Show theme, dance while singing “Boogie!  Boogie!” and one that would even run around on the floor behind the dogs, barking as if he were one of them!  Sometimes he rode on their backs.  I learned a lot by having birds.  For years I’ve thought of getting another one.  I would pass the bird area in pet stores as I went for dog this or dog that, and would have to stop and watch them.

Last week this little guy caught my eye.  I thought about him for a few days, then on Friday I decided to check and see if he was still there.  If he was, then I told myself I would take him home.  He was pretty easy to spot, since he had a white spot of feathers his head.  The kids had no idea, and when I told them to pick out some toys and things for him, they were so excited.

He’s just a baby and will need to be tamed.  We took a poll of favorite names and put them in a bucket and the result was “Toby.”  He’s already made an appearance on our social media!  I’m excited to seem him grow and blossom into a more social little guy.  So far he’s been pretty overwhelmed, pretty much sitting still and taking it all in.  He is showing some interest in people when they come to his cage to talk to him, though, so he’s coming along.  Stay tuned to see him come out of his shell (ha)!

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