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Modern Dog Magazine Photo Contest

Rama is very photogenic.  I have been taking photos of her for 3 years and her beauty astounds me.  Of course, I am biased, but she is a very striking example of her breed and deserves to be recognized as Cover Model material.  😉

“Is this mah best side?”

Because we think she is so special, we have entered her in the Modern Dog Magazine Cover Dog Photo Contest.  She is, after all, a modern girl.  She is a family dog, a working dog (registered Therapy Dog and conformation dog) and a girl who loves both the comforts of the modern dog’s life and the great outdoors.  We would so appreciate it if you would please click on the link below and cast a vote for our girl.  If you can, please share.  Thank you so much blog furiends!

Click here to vote for Rama!

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