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Monday Mischief–A Birthday Outing With Mom

Since I was in bed all day yesterday with an awful headache, I took Rama shopping today for her birthday gift.  She got some attention from a lovely elderly man who said she was “Incredibly beautiful” and a woman who said her “grandogs” were Bullmastiffs was very taken with her.  We are used to folks giving us a wide berth but today everyone was nice and Rama got some treats, some petting and several folks baby talking to her.

She was very interested in all the smells and we went up and down each aisle so she could sniff everything.  She’s not so into squeaky or plush toys; more so things she can chew and things that take a bit of brain power to figure out.  I picked her up a cow’s ear and a treat puzzle called the Paw Flapper.

After the pet store we went up the road to a lovely park.  They already had the Christmas tree up.  We usually attend the annual lighting here.

“I smiled pretty for mah birfday photo.”

“Mama got both of mah good sides, just for good measure.”

It was actually warm out and pretty humid, although overcast.  There were a few people buzzing around the park and some workmen across the street with some loud machinery that Rama wasn’t particularly loving.

“What dey doing ober there?”

We went home and tried out her new toy.  She caught on quickly and began lifting up the doors to get a treat.  There are also hidden compartments that they have to actually spin the housing a bit to discover.  See it on our Vine channel here.

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