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Monday Mischief–Adventures In Dog Yard Improvement or Hurricane Cairo Contained?

Since Hurricane Cairo mangled the field fencing in the dog yard, it’s been a pain in the backside to put the dogs out.  Naturally she wants to go out back with the other dogs, so she can joyously leap over the fence and bound around in my garden, uproot my plants and generally cause puppy mayhem and destruction.  I was having to re-route her to the front, which is securely fenced, so I wouldn’t have to constantly try and chase her down in the mornings.  As a result, the front yard was looking rough.

As quickly as I could, I hired a fence installer to re-do my dog yard in 6′ wood fencing.  On the day he was supposed to come out, he got into an accident and wrecked his work truck.  Great.  With each passing day I cringed every time I let Cairo outside.  I swear I’ve never seen a puppy do so much damage.  She trampled over some boundary fencing that was around some succulents in the front yard, dug holes all around and behind my hedges and in my flower beds.  My husband has lost hope of us ever having a nice lawn.

So last week the fence installer made it.  Hallelujah!  In 2 days the job was done.  We made sure there was nothing on the inside on which Cairo could gain any sort of footing.  My next step if this fails will be roller bars.

I took some video of their first time seeing the fence (I wanted to see Cairo’s reaction inparticular) and aside from a lot of sniffing around, they seemed relatively unimpressed.  I have been trying to upload the video for some time now but it won’t show up so I’m giving up on it.

Bella and Cairo spent a good deal of the day out there yesterday because they both graced us all with diarrhea.  At least Cairo let herself out of her crate to do it all over the floor and save me the aggravation of having to clean her and the crate, so thanks Cairo.  Bella’s runs came later after she gobbled up the cat’s food.  (Insert eye roll here)  So the Diarrhea Twins stayed outside most of the day and were none too happy about that.  Geez, I mean, what was I thinking treating them like animals and making them enjoy some fresh air and sunshine?  Bad Mommy.

Cairo figured she would teach me a thing or two by chewing the hose in two, somehow taking off the brand new sprayer attachment and hiding it God-knows-where.  Now I have no hose long enough to reach the garden.  Again, thanks Cairo.  So between all of that and the kids being out of school for the summer (shoot me now), I’m about spent.

For now, the mischief is curbed (she is napping in her crate) so I can barely wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow!

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