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Monday Mischief–Containing The Uncontainable

So bored.

I’ve noticed a trend with the Monday Mischief posts lately.  Most of them are about Cairo.  She is by far the most mischievous dog here.  When mischief is going down, you can bet your butt she is right in the heart of it.  She’s been forced to slow down, though, since her surgery two weeks ago this Thursday.  She’s been made to go out on lead, cannot be out in the house with another of the dogs (she gets way too excited) and has generally been miserable not being able to be her normal, active puppy self.

Cairo has been to one round of puppy obedience classes so she has some basic skills, but since her life plan has altered somewhat, I’ve decided that as soon as she is physically able, we will be going to big girl obedience class.  She is the perfect age now and is eager to please but needs to have some direction as she is incredibly stubborn.  She is also showing herself and reveling in dramatics when she doesn’t get her way.  She has decided recently that a slip lead or training collar of any kind leads to instant fits of gagging, before said piece of equipment is even in place.  ((insert eye roll here))  When she sees the slip lead coming, she does the old dart and dash routine, and my heart has nearly stopped watching her bound away from me on our slippery tile floors in a wild and spirited effort to be free from anything constraining.  My mind screams “Three thousand dollar surgery!  Three thousand dollar surgery!” as I try to reign her in without causing damage to her recently repaired shoulder.

She’s getting better about being taken out on lead to go potty (dramatic gagging notwithstanding), even though she will have bouts of zoomie fits and flop around like a fish out of water ((eye roll again)) in desperate protest against the damned thing keeping her attached to me.  She has free roaming time in the house with me as long as she doesn’t start running around like a loon, which unfortunately starts after a few moments of freedom.  I feel so bad for her.  She just wants to run and play and doesn’t understand why she can’t.  She has a good supply of new chew toys and things to try and keep her busy.   Four more weeks and she should be good to go.

She has also decided that perhaps I don’t notice her plight, therefore it must be necessary to yelp and whine so as to sufficiently alert me.  Her sister is incredibly vocal and the two have been feeding off each other lately.  Gah, shoot me now.  This weekend her sister is off to her new home and new life.  Hopefully this will reduce the noise level in the house and curb the whine operas these two have been all too happy to perform for me lately.

On another note, tomorrow I will have my answer as to whether or not Rama is pregnant.  I’m so anxious I can barely contain myself.  Our reproductive specialist is about two hours away, so it will be an early day.  Positive thoughts and puppy vibes are very much appreciated!

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