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Monday Mischief–Early Morning Road Trip

After dropping off the last child at school this morning I had to take a bit of a road trip to pick up Sassy, who’d returned from a week-long trip to Atlanta for this past weekend’s show.  She did well, gathering some single points as well as a major toward her Grand Championship.

Rama was the first to the door this morning, so she got to go with me.  Rama is super good in the car and loves to ride.  Her bed was still in the van from the last ride she took with me so she jumped in and settled herself, then looked at me as if to say, “Ok Mom, I’m ready now!”  She will pretty much lie in the same spot until we slow down for a toll booth or a drive-thru window.

“Sumfin for me?”

After a caffeine infusion we were back on the road.  Rama was clearly disappointed that she didn’t get anything from the drive-thru.  I think I heard an audible “hmphf!” as she settled back down on her bed.  Poor thing kept getting up at the toll plazas, probably thinking we were at another drive thru.  Sorry, Rama!

I wore my breast cancer awareness shirt as well as hat, since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I need to get some pink bandanas for the girls.  Shameless request for donations in 3, 2, 1:

Please consider sponsoring my team in this weekend’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.  My team page is here.  Thanks so much!

Ok, so now back to the mischief!  Sassy has been running and playing with Siren and Cairo since she got home.  Everyone is glad to see her:


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