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Monday Mischief–Head Collar Training

Being young dogs, Cairo (16 months) and Siren (9 months) are full of both energy and themselves. Normally they are pretty good on walks but lately they are trying me, which happens when young dogs mature. They are beginning to pull and Cairo is still trying to cut in front of me, which I do not allow. I should not have to walk always looking down to see if a dog is going to trip me. I’d mentioned a few posts ago that I would be putting them in head collars soon. Well, today was the day.

We began by simply putting the head collars on and letting them wear them around the house for a few minutes. There was lots of petting, treats and play while they had them on, but of course the typical behavior when any dog first has one of these on is to try to get it off. There was some flipping and flopping around, but how long and how vigorously they protest depends on each individual dog.

Siren, who is normally very excitable and difficult to pet because she’s so busy licking your hand, sat silent and simply looked up at me while I stroked her head. After walking around the house a bit we went out into the back yard on lead, and she tried to get it off of her head by raking at it and dragging her face on the grass. With some treats and baby talking she eventually did more walking than raking. She is beginning her first heat cycle so I didn’t take her around the neighborhood. After a fairly short first session (about 15 minutes), we ended the lesson for the day.

Cairo was a bit more, shall we say, perturbed.   I swear, if she could talk, the moment I put the head collar on she would have said, “What the f*** is this, human?”  She put up more of a fight, thrashing around like a fish out of water and then trying the old “I am not moving,” routine.  Mom’s been around the block a few times with stubborn dogs.  Silly Cairo, my power is strong!  Muahahaha!  Combine that with the youngest child crying about leaving her water bottle at home and it was quite the spectacle as we walked down the street.  About 15 minutes in, however, Cairo began to fight less and less.   Then she was walking like a dream.  It could have been that the incessant kid whining was wearing her down, but I like to think it was the collar.


Yay! Good Cairo!

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