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Monday Mischief–Our Weekend

I had a nice weekend.  The hubs worked from home Saturday so I went to the coffee shop (by myself!) and worked on the computer for a while, then ran some errands (by myself again) and came back home to do some chores in the dog yard as it needed some maintenance since we were gone for several days.  I also had to do some brainstorming to try and figure out which method I wanted to use to make the dog yard inescapable since young Miss Cairo has finally–after trying for months–made it over the 6 foot wooden fence that encloses it.


Yes, she is killing me.  And my bank account.  So now she cannot go outside unattended until I finagle something that will prevent her from going over the fence.  I’d like to do roller bars, but the husband doesn’t like the look of them.  Just imagine The Beverly Hillbillies theme.  That’s pretty much what he feels it’s come to around here.  I’ve seen some that are black (aluminum), so this might be an option.  I’ve also considered electrified wire, covering the entire dog yard and shipping her to Abu Dhabi.

Just kidding.


Ok, yes, I’m kidding.  When my sister and I misbehaved as kids my mother used to threaten to ship us both to Abu Dhabi.  Had I known what a gorgeous place it is, perhaps it wouldn’t have seemed like such an awful fate back then.

Shangri-la Hotel, Abu Dhabi. Photo by shangrila.com.

Yeah.  Um, just throwing it out there, Mom–You can send me to Abu Dhabi an-y-time.  In fact, I’ll go now.  I’ll even pick a fight with Kristen (my sister) for good measure so you can feel justified in sending me.

“I laugh at your attempts to contain me! This BED cannot even contain me! Haha!”

Oh, and since it is Mischief Monday, here’s a little more mischief for you.  Cairo (yes, her again) also decided to “taste the rainbow.”    Sorry for the picture quality.  It was a cell shot zoomed from across the room.

So I think it’s pretty safe to say that Cairo needs her exercise adjusted.  Clearly she isn’t getting enough.  And in the spirit of our post from the other day, we did just under 2 miles on Saturday (urban) and 4.35 miles (trail hike) on Sunday.  Woot!  I’m proud of us!

Suburban hike.

Sunday trail hike.

The only child home this weekend was at the Science Center with my husband, so I had a leisurely and quiet morning before heading out for an afternoon in the woods.  Whilst preparing our gear at the parking area near the trail head, Rama and I had a moment.  Now she has been rather sedentary since retiring from the show ring and I’ve gained weight this past year as well, but we had a sad moment when I put her pack on her.

It no longer fit.

Oh Rama, I thought, even though she looked quite pleased with herself when I removed the pack.  She’s been on a reduced fat diet for a while now and is looking better, but she needs some more work to get her in shape.  I can relate.  You and me, Rama. The battle of the bulge.  We’ve got this!

That being said, Rama can still hustle.  She has 2 speeds–My Legs Don’t Work and Freight Train.  Either of these speeds is amplified by Mom being on the end of the lead.  This is why I chose to send her with a handler when she was showing.  After my surgeries, I was worried about injuring something trying to handle her myself.  She loves to run alongside my bike.  She is like a speeding locomotive.  It generally takes at least 2 miles for her to ease up any.  Notice the difference in the leads:

Cairo has a nice bit of slack in her lead.

Rama…not so much.

There were several people out on the trail Sunday.  It was about 81 degrees with a cool breeze and it was overcast a good portion of the day.

Ah, green goo-covered swamp. Not as lovely as what we saw in North Carolina.

Econlockhatchee River

Old railroad bridge trestles.

There used to be an old railroad through here.  I believe it may have stopped running in the 50’s.   We stopped right where this picture was taken, to hydrate and rest a bit.

It’s important to keep hydrated.

As you can see in the picture above, Cairo is wearing the Cairo Cam (aka the GoPro) so there is still that to be edited, along with some cell phone video.  If you checked our social media this weekend, you would’ve heard the gunshots we encountered on our hike!  Ack!  What’s that, you say?!  Check back tomorrow for the deets!

Click the badge above to be taken to the Monday Mischief Pet Blog Hop, hosted this week by our friends My Brown Newfies and Alfie’s Blog.  We hope to see Snoopy of Snoopy’s Dog Blog back soon.  I believe they are still on holiday.  We miss you, Snoopy!

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