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Monday Mischief–Pool Puppies

Mother’s Day weekend saw some gorgeous weather here in Central Florida, with a nice breeze and temps in the 80’s.  It’s not quite sweltering yet, so  I decided to introduce the pups to the kiddie pool, as they are seven weeks old now.   Although they were all curious, only one pup went in voluntarily at first.  Once they saw all the fun toys bobbing around in the water, it didn’t take long for the others to test this strange new environment:

While the kids splashed around in the water, the puppies ran around the back yard and explored.  They’d not been out there exploring before, and there were many new sights, sounds and smells to be investigated.  I pulled one of our camp chairs out there and sat in the shade with a big cup of lemonade and watched the fun.

Having not gone on any hiking excursions since before the pups were born, it was nice to be outside.  The breeze was fabulous.  It was adorable to watch the pups feeling the wind and trying to figure out what it was and where it was coming from.  A neighbor was grilling, and when the scent wafted over to our yard the puppies’ noses all went straight up in the air.  It smelled divine to me; I bet it was incredible to them!

Sniffing the breeze.

The two youngest kids can’t seem to be together for 5 minutes without annoying the crap out of each other, and it seems that pool time brings out some extra special interaction between those two.  ((Insert smirk here))  The 5 year old dissolves into blubbering wails and the 11 year old seems to just keep hitting that one special nerve that causes her to jockey back and forth from the wailing to screaming.  Ugh.  I probably should have had a martini instead of that lemonade.  I took some puppy videos but unfortunately there’s a lot of kid noise in the background of most all of them, so they will need some editing.  One thing is for sure, these pups will be so noise and kid-proofed it’s ridiculous.  My house is not a quiet one.

Being outside this past weekend was good for me.  I think I really needed the vitamin D.  I’ve been in a funk and just that little bit of time out in the sun made me feel better.  I am excited for the summer to come.  I am looking forward to some hiking and backpacking trips.  I need to see some new things and I know the dogs would love some new adventures, too.   In addition to the Blogpaws conference this month, there are plans in the works for some mountain backpacking trips.  Oh how I need some nature therapy!

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