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Monday Mischief–Rama & The Cone

Rama is not a happy camper today.   She has developed a hot spot on the side of her face and has been scratching at it, putting dirt and germs all in it.  I have been putting cream given to us by the vet on it, but she is not leaving it alone.

Enter the cone of shame.

So pitiful

No dog likes the cone of shame, but Rama is a special kind of stubborn and as soon as she saw me get that cone after putting her medicine on her boo boo, she planted her feet and down she went.  She just melted onto the floor, putting her paw up to block me every time I tried to put the cone on her head.  I finally had to one hand it, using my left hand to hold her paw out of the way.  This was not an easy feat.  It’s not that she puts up a huge fight, it’s just that she weighs enough that she really doesn’t have to put up that much of a fight.  Dead weight is somehow heavier.

We got the cone on, and she has remained in the same spot for going on an hour now.

She will not look at me when I call her.  Hm, fancy that–our legs don’t work and we’re deaf.


Sorry, Rama, we can’t let that boo boo get any uglier.  You’re just going to have to suck it up.

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