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Monday Mischief–She’s Called Hurricane Cairo

Today’s Monday Mischief post is about one of the other Corsos here, little Miss Cairo.  She is 7 months old this week–the youngest here–and FULL of mischief.  I guess I was blessed with the others, all of whom were easy during these months, so I suppose I was due for a pup that keeps me on my toes.

I am used to the behavior of the other girls, who can be trusted with food on counters, with hanging out in the dog yard or back porch without bothering much of anything.  Now they will snag little things like paper, legos, books or kid toys, dig holes in the yard; but I’m talking major destruction.  Like stepping outside onto my porch to find that my porch chairs have had the bottoms chewed out of them and spread all over the entire length of the porch, which runs all along the back of the house.  THAT type of destruction I’m not used to seeing.  And of course I find Cairo still enjoying chewing on a chair as I step outside, as if to say, “Oh hey Mom, these chairs are really yummy!”

After a few expletives and cleaning up the mess, I discovered her next target was anything and everything on the shelf unit on the porch.  She happened to reach my tool bag, empty out its contents and render said bag unrecognizable.  The bag was at least four feet up.  This was the same day that she unrolled all of the paper off of my daughter’s art easel, ripped it up, stomped all over it, then tried to eat the easel itself.

What the WHAT?!

She’s also decided that her magnificence cannot be contained.  The dog yard out back has heavy duty field fencing.  None of the dogs have attempted to climb it, push it over or go under it.

(You totally know what I’m going to say right now, don’t you?)

Until now.

I looked out the window this morning to see Cairo running at the fence and jumping up.  She was barking at the neighbor dogs, and apparently she felt her point would be better made at a closer proximity to them.  She nearly made it over a few times.  Good gravy!  The dogs are never out unattended for very long at all.  She never takes long to formulate a plan and put that plan into motion.  She’s like a hurricane.  She blows right through, leaving destruction in her wake.  That area of the fence now hangs over a little.  Great.

She’s knocked glasses off the table, shoved her big snout into my husband’s Chinese take-out as it sat on the counter, stolen the bath puffs out of the tub and gobbled the cats’ food as they watched on in horror.  Today I fed her in the outside kennel and when I went out to get her, figuring she was done, she raced past me after I opened the kennel door.  I noticed that her food was still there.  I knew exactly where she was heading, as the previous evening she’d awakened me several times during the night after getting into the cats’ food.  The fourth time she woke me up she didn’t make it outside.  :-/

I grabbed her food bucket, yelling “AH!  AH!” as I tried to beat her to the cat food.  Reaching for her collar I spilled the contents of her bucket all over the porch.  She inhaled half of their food before I could stop her.  >:-/

Two words, people:  Hurricane.  Cairo.

If that’s not enough mischief for today I don’t know what is!  I’m exhausted!  Looks like Cairo (finally!) is, too!

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