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Monday Mischief–She Who Cannot Be Contained

Yes, I’m sure I heard a few groans after you read that title.  It’s true–I’m going to talk about my problem child, little Miss Cairo.

“Who me?”

If you’ve been with us for awhile you know that there isn’t much that can contain her.  She is a master escape artist and loves to climb.  She is a real thinker, and will often devise ways of getting what or where she wants.  She was the reason for the cattle fencing being replaced (she literally tore it down), and it wasn’t long after that that she showed me 6 foot wood fencing wouldn’t be a problem for her, either.   Of course I’m flipping out because she can break her legs, land on her head, get into it with neighbor dogs, etc.  It’s just a nightmare.

So she can’t be put out back without someone going with her.  Sometimes this isn’t good enough.  She literally jumped up into the air right next to me and I managed to grab her collar as she teetered on top of the fence.  I had to pull her down.  She had a deathgrip on that fence.  Well, we have an outdoor kennel and the top is made out of tarp material, so you can guess what happened to that.  Yep, shredded.

So, until I can afford to install roller bars, cover the entire dog yard and/or electrify it, she’s either on lead at all times or I tether her with a steel cable.  Now I do not like to tether dogs.  I really don’t.  But for short periods of time, it is fine.  I put her in a sturdy leather harness so she couldn’t get herself tangled anywhere and choke, and I thought that I’d shortened it enough to where if she tried to jump the fence it would pull her back down,

I was wrong.

While watching her from inside I observed her leaping over the fence and ran out just in time to see her hanging on the other side, perfectly fine, with her feet barely touching the ground.  Thank goodness for that harness being so well made.  I shortened her cable a bit more, making sure she could reach shelter, water and still be able to move about enough to play with the others. Her response to that?  Why, dig up the stake, of course!

She dug.






And as if all that wasn’t exhausting enough, she also tore into the garbage and carried a mangled, oozing cup of Starbucks coffee around the house this weekend while I was in the bathroom.  I was in there only a few moments.  She can’t be left alone in the house and I know that, but I really thought I had a few moments to pee, as I’d given her a chewy to occupy her.  But again, I was wrong. Soooooo, this week I’ll be trying to come up with some other solutions (along with tiring the hell out of her) to keep Miss Cairo safe and contained until major modifications on the dog yard can be made.  Again.

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