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Monday Mischief–Snoozy Foodie

Your Monday Mischief for today is handsome little green boy, snoozing in the food dish.  He loves to do this for some reason, as every time I bring the evening kibble he plops right down in the bowl and immediately goes to sleep.  In case anyone is wondering, he is called “green boy” due to the color of his puppy collar that he was given shortly after birth.  This is so the pups can be identified properly for weighing and other important things we want to record in the early stages of their lives.  As they grow, they are easier to tell apart and therefore don’t wear their collars much anymore.  I will, however, be putting some on them soon to get them used to wearing them again so that their new owners won’t have to.

Some of you may be wondering why there is kibble in the bowl as we are primarily raw feeders.  Well, even though the pups are eating raw food now (they are completely weaned from their mother’s milk), I like to leave something down overnight for them to graze on should they get hungry, and in my opinion raw food doesn’t do so well being left out overnight.  They usually will eat it all up in one sitting and then be hungry anyway later.  There is also the fact that not every puppy owner will raw feed.  So this way, they have been used to kibble (the kind we use also has freeze-dried raw bits in it as well) and their systems won’t be in such shock on top of all of the other things they will have to get used to when they go to their new homes.

Here is a shot of what the puppies had for breakfast this morning:

Breakfast today was comprised of raw ground beef, greek yogurt and Sojos dehydrated raw food.  Having dehydrated raw food around for backpacking and camping trips, I began using it for the pups for the convenience factor as shaving time off food prep is always helpful.  Mornings are especially hectic, with school age children in the house.  Using some dehydrated raw eliminates my having to either get up early or stay up late to cut raw meat for the puppies’ meals.  Add some warm water and let it soak while I get breakfasts and lunches for the kids and voila!  It just gets mixed in with the ground beef.  It smells fabulous and the pups love it.  This is the only flavor I have tried so far.  I purchased the 2 lb bag (rehydrates to 8 lbs) bag for about $22.00 at my local feed store.  It can also be ordered online and delivered right to your door!  Yahoo!  I am all about convenience!

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