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More Organization Means Less Mischief!

Lots to tell this Monday!  While I got a lot accomplished with fleshing out the blog’s new pages this weekend, I lost a good bit of it when I accidentally closed a window having not saved much of that work.  Nothing like fighting for time to get work done only to lose every bit of that work.  While I wish I could sit at my computer all day, the reality of it is that I cannot.   I am up and down constantly, dealing with kids and dogs and general household duties (which have suffered greatly as of late) and as a result the fleshing out of the blog since the migration has taken longer than I would like.  I do apologize for this, and as I continue down my path of better health and organization, I hope that I will be able to devote more time out of my day to this work that I do love so much.

This past weekend was also our first without Parvati (now Skyla), who went to her new home on Friday.  Chewy doesn’t seem to notice that she is gone, at least not that I’ve observed.  I don’t think Rama could give two shits, honestly.  She’s just not been the motherly type, though she does play with Chewy now, which is cute to watch.

No headway was made in the dog yard this weekend, other than to give it a good deep clean.  I need a new covering to one of the runs (dogs destroyed it) and tried to temporarily cover it with a large tarp, but that lasted about a day.  Went to purchase an additional run from my local home improvement store only to find they do not carry them any longer.  I want all of the runs to match, so it looks as if online is going to have to be the way to go.  I will miss the convenience of being able to just go down the road and pick one up.

I did make some progress with my meal planning this weekend.  I purchased a book on vegan cooking and downloaded an app with vegetarian recipes.  Now I am not vegan nor vegetarian, but I do love to eat this way.  I would love to eventually make that leap to no meat and no dairy.  I am not a huge fan of meat, save pork and lamb, but my family is, so this could make mealtimes a challenge.  I am not one to cook a different meal for everyone, and I would love my family to eat healthier.  So, as long as it’s my job to prepare the meals, everyone’s just going to have to deal.  Ok?  Ok!

I went to Starbucks the other day (entourage in tow) with the aim of picking out several meals to try out this week.  As the youngest still loves to help in the kitchen, she was excited about trying out these recipes.  She oohed and ahhed over the photos in the cookbook, and pointed to some she thought looked appetizing.  The 11 year old boy will be a bit tougher to convince.  I picked one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner recipe along with a snack recipe.  So four total, with some common ingredients so that I didn’t have to completely restock the spice cabinet (it had been completely cleared of old spices a few months ago) in one trip.  I also didn’t feel I could realistically do more than those four recipes this week, so I think it’s a good start.    I got nearly everything I needed from two stores.  A few ingredients are only going to be found at the health food store, which is about a 35 minute drive from here.

Part of my continuing journey to live healthier and happier involves becoming more organized.  I know I’ve spoken of this before, and I will continue to speak of it as it is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  I know there are others out there that struggle as well.  I’ve long since joked about how I need a personal assistant.  Well, ok, so it wasn’t a joke.  It was more like a desperate plea.  So I read some reviews on organizational apps and downloaded one over the weekend called 24me.  I’ve tried a few in the past and most got deleted within a day.  So far I like this one a lot.  Everything is clear and easy to navigate, plus the alerts are cool.

Photo c twenty-four.me

I feel like I’ve started the week off with some good stuff planned, so yay me!  The dogs have been behaving a bit better since I had to get hold of myself this past weekend and re-focus.  Breaking our old habits is incredibly hard.  But when we are moving toward being a better person, then we can be more to those that depend on us.  Do you have any plans to better yourself this week?  Do you have a strict, organized routine or secrets to keeping organized?  We’d love to hear from you!

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