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National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day, everyone!  What a great thing to celebrate–dogs of all types, mixed breed and purebred!  National Dog Day also stands against BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) of any kind, a cause which is close to our hearts here at Walks With Rama.  Started in 2004 as a way to honor the adoption date of her first dog, Animal Advocate Colleen Paige wanted to bring attention to how many dogs are awaiting adoption, and how much dogs do for humanity.

This is a day close to my heart, as most of you know, Rama came into my life at a difficult time and played a pivotal role in getting me through some tough stuff.  I know how dogs can heal.  They can quite literally keep you moving when otherwise all you want to do is give up.  They are helpers, healers, best friends and family.  They are rescuers, protectors and for many, a reason for going on.

Rama shortly after she came to me.

With Rama and Sassy, shortly after my double mastectomy in 2012.


Dogs enrich our lives immeasurably.  So today we celebrate them and the joy they bring to our lives.  If you think your life needs a furry friend in it, please check your local animal shelter, rescue group or responsible breeder for your next best friend!  Does National Dog Day have a special meaning to you?

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