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New Year, New…Pup?

We’ve had a fair bit of mischief the past few days.   A few days ago a new pup came into our lives.  Her former owner decided she’d bitten off more than she could chew at this point in her life, and was looking for a new home for her young Chihuahua mix pup.  One look at her little face and we melted.

Clara, 3 months.

I immediately noticed one of her eyes appeared smaller the the other.  Today we got her into the vet’s office and she was diagnosed with severe dry eye.  She will need drops for the rest of her life.  Other than that, she is a happy, healthy pup!  She’s been very good in the house, signaling when she needs to go out and comfortable being in a crate.  The other dogs have all met her and everyone gets along fine.  They have had so many fosters come in and out, family members’ dogs come over, etc.  It barely raises an eyebrow when a new dog appears.  Very proud of how solid the big dogs are.  Isy (our other small dog) surprised me by not being a total bitch.   Huh.  Who knew?  I’m sure she’ll get around to letting little Clara know which dog rules the roost here.

Look for our review of this pet carry bag!

Happy to be out of the vet’s!

I tried to get some good shots of her meeting the others but she’s so wiggly and it’s been so gloomy here lately that lighting was just meh.  I will most definitely pull out the good camera this week and try for some shots of little Clara with the other dogs of the household.  I did manage to get a cute one of her investigating Isy in the dog bed and put it on our Instagram account.  If you haven’t followed us there yet, do!  And watch for the adventures of little Clara!

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