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The Passage Of Time

When a great dog gets old you begin to realize that you’ve spent more time with them than they have left. After losing Rama and going through some medical issues with Sassy, the reality that I will probably not see that many more years with my last Corso is sobering.

Me and my girl Rama, 2012

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I just realized I didn’t post an update on Sassy 😮 She is doing very well and her tumor came back #benign ! 🙌 Thank you SO much for all the prayers and messages we received! #canecorso #mastiff #dogsofinstagram #dogs #ilovedogs #canecorsoitaliano #italianmastiff #mydog #yay #olddog

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I didn’t want to wait until Sassy was too old to introduce another puppy into the house, so not long ago I began to think of the next dog that would share our home. I needed a breed that would make a good hiking companion but I also wanted to stay with a guarding/working breed.

I considered another Cane Corso. They’ve been my go-to breed for nearly a decade. The most agile of the Mastiffs, they do make good hiking companions, but I thought perhaps it was time to try something different. So many dog breeds, so little time! I began researching other working dog breeds, looking for free thinkers with agility, stamina and impressive looks. I also considered a mixed breed.


I thought I’d settled on a breed a few months ago but as sometimes happens in life, the universe apparently had other plans. I became aware of a family that was looking to re-home a puppy they’d recently acquired, as their daughter was still dealing with the mental after-effects of having been the victim of a dog bite (a different dog). The family had misjudged her readiness to accept a puppy, and they were heartbroken to part with her, but they felt that it wasn’t fair to their daughter or the pup to force the issue.

My first look at her

I contacted the family to ask if the pup was still looking for a home, and if it would be possible for me to come and see her. They agreed, telling me she was shy at first but warmed quickly. I knew that shyness could mean many things, and that I should evaluate the puppy‘s temperament. So not more than an hour after being made aware of the pup’s existence, I had already put the wheels in motion to make a trip that same night to visit with the family and this puppy. Something about her photo tugged at me, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to go and look at her.

A Familiar Face

When I got out of my truck a woman and her daughter were waiting, the little girl holding on to the lead of a puppy that looked desperate to get back inside. She was hugging the front door of the house, clearly not comfortable. Her face–though not the same breed–reminded me of Rama’s face. I felt my heart ache for a moment, as it was heartbreaking to see a pup so terrified. I sat down on the ground and spoke softly to her, and as skittish as she clearly was, she took a few steps toward me and licked my face. Though she was afraid, she still ventured forward. In that moment I fell in love with her. I told her she was a good, brave girl. Her eyes were not the eyes of a puppy. They seemed much older than their 12 weeks. The lady told me they suspected the person that sold the pup to them just a week earlier had mistreated her. I hoped that was not the case.

“She is very shy,” the little girl told me, “you have to pet her like this.” The little girl took my hand and placed it on the pup’s head. “She likes to cuddle, too,” she told me, picking up the puppy (which for a 9 year old was quite the feat with a puppy this large) and placing her in my lap. She didn’t remain in my lap very long, and when one of the other children opened the front door, the puppy raced inside. The little girl retrieved her, shut the door, and proceeded to tell me more about the puppy‘s likes and dislikes. She was one of the most delightful children I’d ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

Long story short, I crossed the state that evening and returned home with Freya, a 12 week old American Bulldog. Her name had been with her since her birth, so we decided to keep it. It is a strong Viking name, and perhaps it will help her grow into a strong, confident adult one day. We hope you will join us as she begins her life here with us.

Welcome, Freya! We have a lot to show you.

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