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One Month Measurements

This past Wednesday marked one month that I’ve been working out with a trainer.  It was measuring day.  Since my aim is to build muscle, we decided not to weigh me but take measurements to track my progress.  I am very excited to report that my measurements showed definite improvement!  I could tell things were changing.  Certain clothes were fitting a little better, I haven’t felt as fatigued and I’ve had more energy.  I’ve been struggling with getting each of my meals in, but I’m trying.  I need to allow a day on the weekends for meal prep for myself.  Still working on it but I’ll get there!

Anyway, get ready (insert drum roll here)!  Here are my much anticipated results after one month of training:

How exciting!  I can hardly wait to see what they are at month two!  I’ve not been perfect; I’ve had a few meals that were probably questionable at this stage of my workout journey, so I need to get better about always having healthy alternatives in my bag when I am out and about.  But if I have questions, my trainer is there to offer his advice, which is great.  I can pick up my phone and message him about anything of which I’m unsure.  He is very positive and encouraging, which–for someone like me who tends to downplay even small victories–is such a huge help.  I need that.  I’m still struggling with water intake.  It’s hard for me to drink that many ounces of anything, so I’ve found that infused waters and adding Spark energy powder makes it easier.   I’m hoping that when I get adept enough at keeping a routine that works–for exercise as well as food prep and water intake–that it will not be as hard.

I’ve also begun taking video of my workouts, so that I can check my form and see my progress as the weeks pass.   Eventually I will put them all together so that my progress can be more easily seen.  Here is my one month photo:

I am sorry for the lighting and for the quality of my pictures.  I hate that I didn’t do a better job, but it is what it is.  At this point I think it’s just important that one can see the subtle differences.  I’ll make future ones better.  I felt it important to post them anyway, so here are the comparison shots:

It will be a slow process, but I already see improvements in different areas and I’m excited for what lies ahead!  Do you have an inspiring fitness story?  Have you been wanting to embark on a journey to become more fit but aren’t sure where or how to start?  I’d love to hear your experiences!

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