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Our Time At Jeep Beach 2016

At Jeep Beach 2016, Daytona Beach, Florida.

Taking Time for Ourselves

Just as parents need time away from the kids to maintain sanity, pet owners need time away from the pets, too, sometimes.  It’s totally ok.

Really, it is.

This past weekend we attended Jeep Beach 2016 in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Dogs were not allowed, even though we did see a few that were brought in against the rules.  When we registered we were told that no dogs were allowed on the Speedway grounds, so we left them at home.  I hardly think they would have been comfortable on the obstacle course anyway and most of the vendor rows were on black asphalt.  It was a very hot few days, and dogs aren’t allowed on the beach in Daytona, either, so it was better that they stay home.

Because Jeep

Jeeps from all over the country, along with vendors and spectators, descended on Daytona Beach for the days-long event that included everything Jeep.  There were raffles, things for the kids, food, obstacle course and the coolest Jeeps and Jeep stuff every way you looked.

Jeeps represent so much to so many.  They represent freedom, a oneness with the road, rebel spirits, US strength and tenacity and are synonymous with adventure.  Jeepers come from all walks of life, and that is evident at any Jeep gathering.  The camaraderie that exists between Jeep folks is obvious and admirable.  When I joined my local Jeep club and went on my first official trail ride, I was watched over, helped and never judged for my lack of knowledge.  Jeepers have a motto–never leave anyone behind–and all newbies are tucked safely in the middle of a lineup so that they can be guided and helped if necessary.

My first experiences off road with my Jeep were all very positive.  Of course I got stuck (which is at first a horrible fear but eventually a normal part of the process) and there will always be a few jerks (anti-woman drivers, know-it-all, etc) because we are human, after all, but as with normal life I ignore these people and I have found the Jeep community at large to be very welcoming.

I have to admit, since the doors and the top came off the Jeep, I have enjoyed it so much more than I could have imagined.  Even driving in Florida’s awful heat yesterday, when you are moving you don’t notice it as much.  Going over causeways and bodies of water, you are kissed by cool breezes.  You feel more connected to the outdoors.  For me, I equate it with time outdoors.  You feel the breeze, you feel the sun on your skin, you feel part of it.  It is both exhilarating and healing.  Since it’s been a while since the dogs and I have hiked anywhere, driving the Jeep has helped bridged the gap between outside time.  It has become part of my path to wellness.

For the first time since I was 21 and drove a 1970 Mustang, I have a vehicle that’s fun.  I love the hell out of this thing, and look forward to many years adventuring with it.  I hope you will follow along on our adventures!

Oh, and here’s a cool pic of us crossing the finish line at Daytona International Speedway.   Whaaaat?!  How cool is that?!

Super.  Cool.

We were also lucky enough to participate in a Guinness World Record attempt at the Speedway for the Longest Jeep Parade.  Check out the video below to see our participation in the attempt at a world record!

“All hail the underdogs, all hail the new kids…”

~Renegades, X Ambassadors

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