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Pool Time!

The season of melt-your-face-off, wet-blanket heat is upon us here in Central Florida.  I broke the kiddie pools out yesterday (one for the kids, one for the dogs) in an effort to have some outside time.  There was a nice breeze.  I didn’t feel like dragging everyone out.  I just wanted to sit in a chair and watch everyone play in the water.  There’s been some friction between the oldest boy and myself lately (gah–teenagers), so I think I was really wanting to enjoy the younger ones while they still wanted to hang out in the kiddie pool in the back yard with Mom.

I also wanted to see how the dogs reacted to the kiddie pool, since they hadn’t had one in some time.  Cairo and Bella have yet to be out to the beach (shame on me), so I was curious how they would react to the water.  As a general rule, I like have all my dogs used to water (since we do live in Florida and are surrounded by water) while they are pups, but things have been so wonky with all the many illnesses, surgeries, etc. that Bella and Cairo haven’t made it out to the beach.  I intend to take them soon, but for now, the kiddie pool would have to do.  I figured they would enjoy lying in it and splashing around.

Bella was curious about the water spraying into the big round blue thing.

My fence-jumper (Cairo) had to wait in the kennel in the dog yard because she kept sailing over the fence and making a beeline for my garden.  She’s too fast and too much mischief to try to keep an eye on when I am trying to fill 2 kiddie pools, and I didn’t trust her not to uproot my entire garden before I could even make it out of the dog yard, through the porch and into the back yard.  I can’t wait until the fence guy comes this next week.  He is building me a 6 foot wooden fence around the dog yard since the field fencing isn’t working out with Miss Cannot Be Contained.  He was supposed to be here last week but his truck was banged up in an accident.  I’ve been trying to keep Cairo out of the back yard (because she is part hurricane) and the front part of our property is starting to look pretty rough thanks to her.  I say it all the time; I should’ve named her Chaos.

While Cairo was curious about the water and did step into the pool, she kept leaning toward the outside.  I held onto her collar so she didn’t  fall out due to her leaning.  She seemed a bit more relaxed once Rama was in the pool, too.  As soon as I let go of her collar, she was out.  She kept returning periodically, but I never could get her back in the water.   Rama, on the other hand, was having a blast.  She spun around in circles, chomped at the water, jumped in and out and lounged in the water for a while.

Bella and Sassy, not so much.  They each lapped up some water from the pool, but weren’t interested in anything more.   I intend to get them out to the beach this summer.  There’s a beautiful dog beach about 45 minutes North of us.  Lots of space and a good mile hike to get to the ocean.  I wish the beaches closer to us were dog friendly.  They’re covered in cigarette butts and trash, but God forbid a dog might eek out a poo.  ((insert eye roll here))

How do you and your dogs beat the summer heat?

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