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Road Trip!

There’s sure to be a whole lot of mischief on this trip! We’ve pushed it back a few times, but now the countdown clock is ticking and we’re all very excited for some much needed time away. We are taking a week and heading to the mountains of Tennessee, with kids and dogs in tow, to soak up some much needed nature time. I can’t even adequately express how excited I am to be making this trip. As a child my parents would take us to the mountains of North Carolina for summer vacations and even once in the winter. That winter trip was spent in a very old, very lopsided cabin that had a slanted hallway. We thought it was great fun sliding from one end to the other. I’d love to see if that cabin is still standing today. I believe it was over a hundred years old back then.

We would walk beneath waterfalls, pan for gemstones and go hiking. We ate wild blackberries. I distinctly remember realizing on one of those hikes that there were no bathrooms along the trail, and my younger sister being horrified at the prospect of peeing in the forest. I’d never seen fireflies before those trips, and I am hoping that my own children get to see some. I remember hiking up to Table Rock Mountain, viewing the Linville Gorge and exploring the Pisgah National Forest. Wayah Bald was another gorgeous site that still sticks in my mind–the crossroads of the Appalachian and Bartram Trails–though it’s been nearly 30 years since I’ve been there. The stunning beauty of the area was not lost on me, even though I was a moody teenager at the time, probably mooning over some boy I’d left back home. A summer seemed like a lifetime back then.

Though the name of any boy I may have been thinking of way back then has long since faded into memory, the beauty of the mountains and expansive wilderness have not. I can still feel the cool mountain streams and the mists from the waterfalls on my skin. I remember the excitement of finding raw garnets and rubies. My father still has many of them.

I’m hoping that my own kids can enjoy some of these experiences, so I’ll be planning this trip around mountains, waterfalls and old fashioned swimming holes. I haven’t replenished any supplies since our last camping trip, so I’ll need to take stock of what we have and what we’ll need. I’ll be posting video of our pack contents and documenting plenty of prep. We will be reviewing some new equipment, food and other gear during this trip, both for us and the dogs. We’ll be bringing two dogs with us, though at the moment which two is still up in the air.

We will be filming during the trip as well as posting to social media when we are able. We hope you will come along with us for what’s sure to be an amazing adventure!

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