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Sandy, Watery Mischief

We had a pretty eventful weekend around here, so lots of mischief to report for Mischief Monday.  On Saturday I took two of the dogs out to the beach for a coastal hike.  We are in love with this beach and come here when we can.

The weather was beautiful (albeit hot) but we got out there early enough that the sand wasn’t unbearable yet and still fine for the dogs to walk on without booties.   The water was surprisingly cool.

“This is weird, Mom. Why does this water move?”

This was Chewy’s first time at the beach, and though he loves splashing around in the pool, the moving water perplexed him.  He kept trying to climb on Cairo’s back and then climb up into my arms.  At 40 pounds now, he is too large for me to carry anymore.

He still thinks he is this big.

We did not go very far since Chewy is only 4 months old, but it was a good introduction to hiking here in Florida.  Keeping your footing in the beach sand is really quite the workout, and as shallow as the waters are that we frequent, we must be vigilant about sharks.  New Smyrna Beach is the shark bite capital of the world and they are known to come very close to shore, often in just a few feet of water.

Sharks in the surf at Smyrna Dunes Park. Photo c dailymail.co.uk.

All tuckered out.

After a good bit of sand, sun and water we headed home to prepare for a a visit from some folks who were looking for a puppy to add to their family.  I decided to let Chewy’s sister go to a new home, as she was not growing into what I wanted for my program.  She has much to offer someone as a companion, and she and her brother have begun sibling bickering.  It was never my intention to keep two puppies from Rama’s litter, as it is quite challenging raising littermates.  So that they do not bond so thoroughly with each other, they must be trained separately, socialized separately and get as much one-on-one time with Mom (me) as possible.  The closeness of siblings who are raised in the same home can become quite an issue if not handled carefully.  If you are considering raising littermates, here is a very helpful article from Keep The Tail Wagging with tips on how to deal with littermates and their squabbles.

A lady heard of me through my local dog club (of which we are both members) and was helping her brother search for just the right dog.   They were very nice folks and we had a nice visit.  The gentleman liked Parvati so much he decided he wanted her to be part of his life.  So while he readies his home for a pup, this will be her last week with us.  I am excited for her.  She will have a good life.

After the visit we went to the park, to a cafe and had ice cream and did a bit of socializing.  It was a full, exhausting day.

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