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Sepia Saturday

“Where we goin’?”

Today’s Sepia Saturday image was borrowed from yesterday, when Rama, Cairo and I took an early morning road trip to the reproductive specialist a few hours away.  Cairo came as support and so she wouldn’t drive my husband crazy as he tried to work.  If she sees me heading out the door and doesn’t get to go with, she’ll whine a blue streak.  She is usually my co-pilot, after all.

Why were we heading to the Reproductive Specialist, you ask?  Well, Rama is in season and we are going to be doing a surgical AI (artificial insemination).  Last cycle we tried regular AI and it didn’t take, so we are going to try a different route this time.  She ill be at the hospital for a bit as they check her progesterone levels to determine the optimum time for the procedure to take place.

Sassy is still with the handler, so it is just Siren, Cairo and little Isy here.  It’s pretty quiet, actually.  Well, quieter than normal.


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