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Sepia Saturday–A New Life For Bella

Bella looks as if she is daydreaming.  Perhaps she is daydreaming about her future and her new family.  Bella was imported from the Czech Republic when she was a little pup and didn’t work out as a show prospect.  It happens; dogs sometimes develop faults.  Each breed has what is called a standard by which they are judged in the ring.  It includes physical as well as temperamental attributes.  Sometimes one or more of these faults may develop and be something that the breeder doesn’t wish to perpetuate in his or her line, so the dog is often spayed and placed in a pet home, thus removing it from the gene pool.

It doesn’t mean that they are not a good dog, a loving or loyal dog.  It just means they were not cut out for breeding.  The purpose of breeding dogs is to better the breed.  That is the only reason.  It is neither an easy nor lucrative endeavor.  It is about trying to eradicate certain undesirable traits and enhance the desirable ones.  It is about so much more than putting two dogs together.  It is science, genetics, hours of research and hands-on learning.  To those who put every spare dime, their blood, sweat and quite often tears into it, it is an art.  It is the preservation of something we do not want to lose.  It is history.

That being said, Bella will be going to Houston, Texas and her new family at the beginning of August.  They are a Corso-experienced family and she will be worked in Obedience.  Dogs that are spayed and neutered can still earn titles and compete in many exciting events.  I cannot wait to see what Bella and her new family accomplish.

“But how can you just part with her like that?”  I’ve been asked.  Well, the truth is, a lot of careful thought goes into it.  I cannot keep every pet dog.  And in truth you will not bond or “gel” with every single dog that enters your life.  I knew early on that Bella was the type of dog that would do better in a different environment.  It is about doing what is best for that one dog.  Dogs are very adaptive and resilient.  Her happiness and reaching her fullest potential as whatever she was meant to be was what I had to keep in mind when deciding whether or not she would remain here.  I had several families that were interested in her, but they were just not the right fit.  She is a dog with some quirks that not everyone would be willing or comfortable living with, so I wanted people to understand and accept fully what they were getting.  I wanted a family that was breed as well as obedience-saavy and who would be in it for the long haul.

So Bella will be on her way to her new life in a few weeks and I will get a day or so to explore some different scenery before heading home.  Those few days are much-needed.

Click on the link above to be taken to the Sepia Saturday blog hop, hosted by Ruckus The Eskie.  Even if you don’t have a blog yourself, you can still come and enjoy the hop and meet some new friends!

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