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Sepia Saturday & Big News!

I can’t believe it’s  been so long since I’ve posted.  This whole week I’ve tried to sit down at the computer and I’ve managed to hammer out a few paragraphs, then I inevitably have to get up and get something for someone, make dinner, run errands, and before you know it, the day is gone and I’m exhausted.  I’ve managed to post a few things to our social media accounts, so if you aren’t following us via any of those, please do, and then you will see what happens in the time in-between blog posts.  You can see the dogs in all their live action slobbery glory on our Vine and Vimeo channels.  In fact, it was our social media peeps who got the scoop on our BIG news!  More on that later in the post.   ((wink))

So on the heels of more Cairo madness, I spent last weekend erecting another kennel run and Cairo-proofing it.  It’s a temporary solution as I still have to Cairo-proof the entire dog yard, but it helps for now.  She has actually seemed to enjoy hanging out in the kennel for a bit each day, and I made sure to sweeten the deal with a few new chewies and toys.  I’ve also begun feeding her out there, so she sees it as a place where good things happen.

Since the tops of the kennels are a tarp material, I put hardware cloth underneath and zip-tied it down.  You have to be careful to clip off or round all the sharp ends so that the tarp doesn’t get punctured and dogs don’t get injured should they jump around or try to climb.  Not to mention you’ll stab the shit out of yourself if you are trying to position the stuff and the edges aren’t smooth.

The kennels I use are very easy to set up, therefore easy to take down and move as well.  We haven’t done anything permanent here since we are looking at moving and buying some more property in the next 5 years or so.  Once I achieve that goal, more permanent kennels and outbuildings will be erected.

A few days this week were spent sitting still, trying to rid myself of overpowering headaches.  I unfortunately deal with them a lot, as a result of an accident many years ago.   If I don’t get them under control as quickly as I can, they morph into migraines and then I’m completely useless.   Thank goodness they haven’t been that bad this week.  I have a neckache today and the headache is dull, so despite having a ton of crap to do today, I have to remain cognizant of the possibility of a storm brewing in my brain and try not to let stress push it over the edge.

I received our Atlanta win photo in the mail this week.  Since we did not go to Westminster as planned, it was nice that we got at least one win somewhere.

And now on to our BIG news!

As many of you know we took Rama to the reproductive specialist last month for a surgical AI (artificial insemination).  On Thursday we went back for a follow-up ultrasound to see whether or not it was successful.  The only things I had observed that made me think twice were her ribcage appearing wider and her refusing food a few times.  She never refuses food.  That was the clue that got me very excited.

In the waiting room. Do we look pregnant to you?

While in the waiting room I tried to control my excitement.  After all, I’d only been dreaming of this moment for oh, about 20 years.  Across from us there was a very nice lady with an adorable English Bulldog bitch that was there for progesterone monitoring.  Her owner was very excited for good news in several weeks.

When we finally got in the back and they put Rama up on the table (I am awed at the strength of some of these techs, I tell you), I could hardly contain my excitement.  The moment they switched on the ultrasound machine I saw it.  I’ve seen enough ultrasounds (most of them my own!) to know what an empty uterus vs a full one looks like, and I was beyond excited to see a tiny, beating heart.  Then another, then another!  We saw at least 4 pups and I am hoping some are hiding.   They sent me home with an ultrasound picture just like I got for my own children.   It was a very special moment.  And now, one of Rama’s nicknames (Rama Mama) is the complete truth!

So this changes a lot of things in the upcoming months.  My planned hikes in the Spring have to be put off a bit as I will be caring for puppies.  My anniversary is in April and we had planned a trip to Europe.  That may have to be put off a few months as well.  There is also the Blogpaws Conference in May, but I will still be there.  The pups will be old enough by that point to be left, and I am lucky to have people in my life who are very experienced in caring for pups.  Our Hike For A Cause will be pushed back until probably Summer.  I am completely ok with all of this.  I mean, hello!  Puppies!  Is there anything better than puppy breath?  Look at this cuteness:

Baby Cairo, just shy of 4 weeks old.

And here is our sepia offering for this Saturday:

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