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Sepia Saturday–Birthday Re-Cap & Pawty Photos

Our Cairo was born one year ago last Thursday.  I’d waited a long time for her and was so thrilled to see this picture of her at one of her first photo shoots.  So tiny!  Such a squishy little wrinkly face!  Hard to imagine that in the span of one year she could change so much.

As promised, here are a few highlights from Cairo’s birthday “pawty” a few days ago.   I made a peanut butter and carrot doggie cake (recipe will be on A Corso In The Kitchen soon) and there were hats and presents.  The kids (both human and canine) seemed to have a great time.

Peanut butter, carrot and liver! Yum!

This little toy was adorable!


Piece of cake?

Rama says “Happy birthday, Squirt!”

Sassy didn’t want to stop at the cake!


Everyone was very well behaved and the evening was lots of fun.  Isy had to enjoy her cake in her crate since she is, let us say, less than enthusiastic about sharing.

Things got a little crazy there toward the end of the evening!

Forgive her, she had a mouth full of cake!  The sentiment was sincere, however, even if her manners were lacking.  So thank you for stopping by to check out our pawty photos!  Hope you enjoyed!

Click on the link above to be taken to the Sepia Saturday blog hop hosted by Ruckus The Eskie!

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