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Sepia Saturday–It’s Cool out!

Waking up to 60 degrees here in Central Florida this morning was heavenly.  I couldn’t wait to run outside and feel the cool breeze.  It’s pretty windy today and that combined with the cool nip in the air has the dogs running around like loons.   I’m hoping to get out with them for some hiking today but I have to get some chores done first.   It would be a shame to waste a day like this stuck indoors.

Cairo and Siren had a great time running all over the back yard this morning, woofing and snorting and generally acting like silly pups.  I wonder if Cairo remembers Prague and the chill in the air there?

“Wheeee! It’s cool out!”

Click on the above link to be taken to the Sepia Saturday blog hop!  Lots of cool sepia photography, lots of cool folks!  See you there!

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