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Sepia Saturday–Naughty Rama

“Come on, Mom. Let me in!”

Sorry for the awful photo quality.  It was on my cell phone, zoomed in from in the house and on the other side of a window.   Rama is spending a nice 70 degree day out in the dog yard because she has been naughty.  Rama is my good girl.  She is the one who can be depended upon to be the most reliable.  But lately, she’s trying to resurrect a behavior I had to squash when she was a pup, and that is waking up the house because she wants to go outside and play.  She’ll woof softly and scrape at my door, then it becomes full-on barking.  Of course as a younger pup I let her out, and discovered quickly that all she wanted to do was run around, sniff, bark and play.  She rarely, if ever, went potty at this time.

So after snapping her out of that mess, I discovered that when people came over to visit, she would go to them–always at 4 am–and bug the shit out of them until they took her out.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard my father say, “That dog, I let her out at 4 and she didn’t do a thing!”  I tried to tell him.  Yet still, every time he comes over, she goes to him because he is easy like that.

Four in the morning is not appropriate for playtime.  Or stargazing.  Unless of course she would stay outside in the dog yard, in which case knock yourself out, I say.  But she won’t.  She wants to come in about 15 minutes later, and will make enough noise that the windows shake.  Lately, at nearly 4 years old, she is trying this game again.  The night before last she decided that pooping in the house would be a great thing to do.  Last night she decided to go beyond that and take a big old doo in her crate.  She actually went INTO her crate (which is nearly always left open) and  took a big healthy crap.

She has NEVER done that.  Ever.

I think it bears mentioning that I probably needed a reminder that Rama is in fact a dog, and can spend some time in the fresh air.  Thanks, Rama.

So today it is nice out and Rama is spending it in the dog yard, being annoyed by the younger pups.  To say she is spoiled with being indoors is an understatement.  She is like a creepy peeper staring a hole through you from the dog yard, raking those giant paws against anything that will make a horrifically annoying noise, trying to get my attention.

“Excuse me, minions. It seems someone has forgotten to let me in.”

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