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Sepia Saturday–Organizing My Life

I’m trying to get a jump on my Spring cleaning.  With our first litter forthcoming, there are things we have to do to get ready.  Instead of building my own whelping box, I decided to go with a plastic, prefabricated  one.  I’ll have the box in my bedroom for a few weeks ahead of time so that Rama can get used to it being there.  When the little fuzzies get more mobile I’ll be moving them to a different area of the house.  Having them in my bedroom means rearranging the setup of the room.  It doesn’t involve moving my bed, thank goodness, so not such a drastic change.  I have a slider in my room which leads out back, so Rama can easily go outside and the little boogers can go out to the puppy play area (yet to be constructed) to get some fresh air.

Rama is doing well.  She is steadily getting bigger and occasionally will leave some of her food behind after meals, which can be common when a pregnant bitch doesn’t feel well.  She is her same sweet self, still performing her guard dog and snuggle/tv watching pal duties.  I’ve cleared a spot in my bedroom for the whelping box and until it arrives I’m going to start getting Rama used to sleeping in there.  Normally I do not allow dogs in my room.  As a matter of fact, Rama is the reason that a gate still stands in the hall that leads to my bedroom as she likes to wake me up at 4 am to run around the yard and act like a loon.   Yeah, Mama doesn’t play that.  She got in the habit of going out at that ungodly hour when my parents were staying here once (my dad gets up before the ass crack of dawn) and since then will try it on anyone.  Hence the gate still being in my hall to prevent her from getting to my door.

With her being pregnant now it obviously changes things, so the 4 am “woof” in my face will be something I just have to deal with.  I’ve got to watch her more closely with the other girls now; sometimes she gets a bit too carried away with playing and I don’t want her injuring something or have she and Sassy get into a scrap (as they occasionally do) over something.  Soon she will be separated from them more and more.  I’ve gotten her a nice cozy bed to support her joints, as carrying around those babies does put some strain on them and as time marches on she will feel it more, I’m sure.

So, back to the Spring cleaning.  As someone who is not particularly good at organization, this is a big undertaking.  I try to keep things organized but it just never seems to stay that way.  With 3 kids and a husband this is hardly surprising.   I’m always dropping one thing to run to something (or someone) else that needs attention.  Things get left undone.  Ugh.  I hate it.  So, in an effort to be better, I purchased a large calendar for my desk to write down upcoming things that need to be remembered and prepared for, as having in the calendar on my phone often isn’t enough.  Having to set alarms to notify me of every little thing is making me crazy.  If I can just write it on the calendar I can see everything at once.  We’ll see how that works.

I also have a dry erase board onto which I put my goals for the year.  I have yet to re-do it for 2015.  It is my Goals & Accomplishments board.  Staying focused on those goals is super hard for me.  This year is going to be packed with a lot of big, exciting things and I have to be ready for them.  My workouts have suffered but this past week I have been getting back into the gym.  My goal was 3 days of working out this week.  I got in 2.  Sigh.

Structure, organization, perseverence.  Staying focused.  Pushing forward.  All of this has got to happen.

Dogs also need structure in their lives.  They are creatures of habit.  The younger pups (Cairo and Siren) need some work right now, and more exercise.  While I’ve been in a funk lately, they haven’t been getting as much as they really need.  Cairo is at her prime adolescent best (that’s sarcasm right there) and Siren is just about to turn one year old.  Their physical and mental demands need to be met and I need to get my head back in the game (training) because more little needy pups are coming along very soon!

Ideally dogs’ exercise schedules would also go on my calendar, where everything is laid out before me.  I found a cute chalkboard/cork board that I will be hanging in the kitchen entryway so that the kids can write me notes or post papers that need to be looked at, signed, etc.  They need to become more responsible for their own things, rather than me chasing them down and asking them all the time.  They are old enough now to start shouldering some more responsibilities.  As you can see, someone has already made use of the board to remind me of the upcoming book fair at school:

It’s a start.  Now to force myself to stick with it.

Do you go through a regular ritual of Spring cleaning?  What are some organizational tips that have helped you?

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