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Sepia Saturday–Playing Catch Up

It’s been a long, icky week.

It’s been a rather long week.  I’ve been sick with an awful crud, and spent several days in bed.  It’s rare that an illness knocks me down like that, but I suffer from sinus infections a few times per year, and they are usually what does it.  It’s one more thing that most likely requires surgical intervention and I’m not just not about that right now.  ((cringes))

Most all of the blog work that I was able to get done this past week was to the editorial calendar (adding notes on upcoming posts, scheduling reviews) and in cleaning up the bits and pieces of the blog that still weren’t 100% since we changed up our look at the beginning of the year.  I’m finding little things every day that were missed.  I guess it’s never really done.

We did manage several posts on Vine last week, and if you aren’t following us there and love dog shenanigans, you need to check it out.  Here’s a little sampling of one of our videos:

The last week also saw my birthday, a cancelled surgery (more reconstruction, meh) and much guilt about not making it to the gym and missing workouts.   Bless my husband for working from home for a few days so that I could rest.

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