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Thursday Barks & Bytes & Thoughtful Thursday

Today has been a blur.  I’ve put quite a few steps on the ‘ol Fitbit trying to prepare for our weekend road trip to New Orleans to deliver Bella to her new owner.  She lives in Texas and will be flying in to meet us.  I’ve been making dog meals, doing laundry, packing, arranging for the dogs’ care and turtle hunting (our Red-eared Slider has gone AWOL).

The kids have been farmed out, we leave bright and early in the morning and I’m still not done.  My husband left directly from work to take the oldest (she turns 23 today) and the grandbaby out to dinner.  She lives a few hours away so I stayed back to get all these loose ends tied up.  Boo.  I want to see that baby!  I feel like he will be starting school before I get to see him again.

We will be staying in the French Quarter and plan on partaking in as much local cuisine as possible.  The food blog (A Corso In The Kitchen) will see a good bit of action this upcoming week, I’m sure!


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