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Thursday Barks & Bytes & Thoughtful Thursday

This post doesn’t have much to do with dogs.  Well, in a way it does.  Sixteen and a half years ago when I had my first son I had, up until then, only been responsible for my dogs.  When that adorable little blond baby came along, he would completely change my entire world.  He became the crux of where my two worlds (dogs and now parenthood) would meet and intertwine.  I have so many memories of him sitting in between two snoozing Rottweilers in his little chair, tagging along to dog shows with me, his car seat boxed in by giant dog crates as we traveled to dog events, his stroller being in the back corner of the training facility while I taught Obedience classes.   He grew up surrounded by dogs.  So in a way, I guess today’s post isn’t totally without mention of dogs after all.

Today was a long day.  Most of it was spent in the van.  I completely forgot my oldest son’s doctor appointment this morning.  At the point I realized it I was on my way out the door with the little one to take her to her summer program.  I hesitated for a moment, having to decide whether taking her would make me late picking up my son (who was 45 minutes away at his father’s).  I decided to go for it.  Turns out I made it with time to spare.

After his doctor’s appointment we went to the DMV for him to get his restricted license.  All I could think of the whole time was this:

Sigh.  Where did that tiny, sweet baby go?  He was my little buddy.  We went everywhere by ourselves, just me and that little boy.  Now he’s driving.  Mom is the last person he wants to spend time with now.  🙁

Sorry for the photo quality, but it was a while ago.  I don’t normally post photos of my kids on the internet, but he is almost an adult and has been all over facebook, so I figured, what the heck.  You can’t keep them sheltered forever.  Here he was today, proudly showing off the key to the van he was about to drive for the first time:

I just don’t know where I’m at right now.   He is a good kid.  I’m of course proud of him, but I am sad, too.  That little baby that spent every waking moment attached to me, giggling and smiling and being dependent on me, is grown up.  I have to stop now.  I think I’m going to cry.  🙁

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