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Thursday Barks & Bytes & Thoughtless Thursday

Things have been a little off this week, what with me suffering from some crud that I’m almost positive came from a weekend Chuck E Cheese visit, first week of school and the new pup settling in, but I’m feeling a bit better today.  I’d done well last week with my exercise and this week I’ve done nothing because I’ve felt like poo.  The dogs as well as myself have got to get ourselves conditioned for upcoming shows as well as hikes.  I feel like I’m falling behind in my workout regimen.

On Monday I quickly introduced baby Siren, the latest addition to the family.  I’d been eyeballing her dam for several years as she is a beautiful bitch with qualities that I truly love in the Corso.  Her pedigree boasts some very important dogs in the development of the breed in this country.  I learned she was pregnant right before breeding Rama.  With Cairo at home (her shoulder issue not yet diagnosed) and a planned litter on the horizon, I knew it would be too much to think of bringing in another pup with all that going on.  There’s nothing worse than overloading yourself.  I’d have to pass.  Daaaaaaamn.  I heaved a deep sigh inside, telling myself that there would never be a shortage of dogs, and most definitely not around my house if Rama’s pregnancy took.

The universe is indeed an odd thing because after a while Cairo’s shoulder weirdness was diagnosed and Rama’s breeding unfortunately did not take.  I was so disappointed.  Not long after Cairo’s surgery I was contacted by Siren’s breeder asking if I was interested in her.  Um, DUH!   Within days she was lying under my kitchen table.

Siren, 16 weeks old.

Despite the disappointment of the past few months, I am very happy to have Siren here.  She’s a gorgeous puppy with a great temperament.  I have high hopes for her once she hits the show ring.  I think she will accomplish great things.  But for now, learning the rules of the house and which squeak toys make the best noise is what is on her immediate agenda.

Her favorite toy so far, Mr. Flying Squirrel.

Getting some outside/porch time.

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